Lab Reports


Lab reports are essential documents in scientific disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, physics, medicine, biology, and others. Regardless of the filed in which the lab reports are written, their objective remain the same; to document and report findings of a given experiment. A good lab report should have an introduction that explains the purpose and goal of the experiment. The introduction should also present the thesis statement; a claim that the experiment seeks to test. Another vital component of a good lab report is the procedure section. This section documents the activities, tasks, and methods that the researcher undertook during the experiment. The purpose of documenting procedures is to give readers the chance to evaluate the reliability and validity of the findings presented in your lab report. The procedures will tell readers whether the methods applied in the experiment were credible and allow them to judge how these methods influenced outcome. Documenting procedures also allow other scientists to replicate the experiment and validate findings.

Formatting and Writing Requirements

Good lab reports should also have the result and discussion section. This section should focus on presenting and discussing the outcomes of the experiment. The researcher should use text, as well as, graphical elements such as table and figures to present findings in order to enhance readers’ comprehension. The results and discussion section of the lab report should not stop at presenting finding, but should also offer possible explanation of these findings. The final section of the lab report is the conclusion. This section discusses the implication of the findings of the experiment to the field of study, industry, and future studies. The researcher may use this section to recommend areas for further research. Lab reports are formal documents; hence, they should be written using formal language and tone. The writer should use an objective tone and adhere to all rule of wring including the referencing of external sources of ideas. Lab reports should also be formatted in line with the recommended style of writing. It should also be free from grammatical errors and mistakes since errors and mistakes can alter the message that the report intended to communicate.

Professional Lab Report

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