Organization is one of the critical considerations when conducting any writing project. No matter how comprehensive your research is, presenting your points in a disorganized fashion can alter the appeal of your project. This is why formatting is a critical activity in any writing project. offers a variety of formatting services. Our services are founded on the recognition that formatting can add difficulties to a writing project; hence, the need for someone to have a helping hand.

Document Formatting

Document formatting is one of our areas of specializations when it comes to formatting services. We assist our clients to format formal documents such as business plans, curriculum vitae, resumes, and business reports. You have to admit that how you format your documents can be the difference between getting that financial assistance or contract that your business needs, or getting the job of your dreams. Your formatting style not only allows you to communicate your ideas more clearly, but also assists you to communicate your personality, professionalism, and competence. Do not allow poor formatting to ruin your opportunities; get help from our professional formatting experts.

Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

We have also specialized on providing thesis and dissertation formatting services. Theses and dissertations are massive undertaking that consume a lot of your time and resources. It is not fair for you to lose points after all the effort just because of formatting issues. Our formatting experts can help you put your document right. We also offer manuscript and book formatting services. Each journal and publisher has its own specific and rigorous requirements for publishing manuscripts and books. Our professional formatting services can help you save the time needed for you to meet these publishing requirements. Our formatting experts can assist your edit the layout, images, tests, and headings of your paper within the shortest time possible.


Our formatting services are guided by a number of principles. Style is one of these principles. There are many styles of formatting documents. The most common formatting styles include APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, and Chicago. Each institution and academic field has its preferred style of formatting. Regardless of the formatting style recommended by your institutions, is the right place for you. Our formatting experts are familiar with all the major styles of formatting. They will ensure that your document, manuscript, thesis, dissertation, or book is formatted in line with the recommended style. They will also ensure that references are appropriately formatted, and figures are appropriately labeled and positioned.

Customer Satisfaction

Another core principle that guides our formatting services is customer satisfaction. At, we are willing to go that extra mile in order to ensure that you get satisfactory services. We have a 24/7 customer support center that was established with the aim of facilitating communication between our clients and formatting experts. Our clients use this center to track the progress of their work. Our formatting services can also be customized to match your unique demands and requirements. All these benefits come to you at very affordable and reasonable prices. We also have amazing discount offers.  




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