Case Studies


Case studies are stories about a person(s), place(s), organization(s) or event(s) that present a complex and realistic problem or dilemma. Case studies are popular teaching strategies as they not only help students to understand concepts, but also help them to learn how to apply these concepts. Case studies introduce reality to the classroom environment helping students to relate abstract concepts to real-world experiences. Case studies are effective teaching mechanisms in any field of study. offers a variety of legitimate case study services. Case study writing is one of these services.

It is often challenging to come up with relevant and engaging case studies. The case study writing process may be based on an empirical study. Empirical research may lead to discovery of interesting information about a person, a place or an organization. Case studies that are developed through research have the advantage of being more realistic and engaging. However, this process of developing case studies is time consuming and expensive. At, we can assist you to develop and conduct a case study research and come up with an engaging case study. We can also help you to convert existing research studies into case studies that others can use to learn. The case study writing process can also be founded on your own experiences. Your personal and professional experiences can provide information that useful to others. While this method of developing case studies in cheap and less time-consuming, this method is subjective as systematic approaches of collecting data are not used.

The format and content of case studies depends with the goal that informs the case study writing processes. If the goal of the case study is to help learners to know and apply strategic planning concepts and models, then, the content and format of the case study should be congruent with this goal. However, there are certain features that all case studies should have in order for them to realize their purpose. First, a good case study should give a real and engaging story, otherwise people will not enjoy reading and working with them. While the length of the case study does not matter, having one that is too long can discourage people from reading it to the end. A case study that is too short may also fail to provide adequate and engaging information. A good case study should also raise thought-provoking issues. Case studies should not be obvious or have clear-cut answers; instead, they should allow people to exercise their thoughts and apply their critical thinking skills.

Another service on offer at is case study report writing. Writing a case study report requires one to have sufficient time and a good work plan. The first step in writing this report entails reading and understanding the case and the instructions related to case study report assignment. You need to use the assignment checklist as a guide for writing your report. The second step entails selecting a theory or analytical model that suits the case study. For instance, if the case study is about strategic management, you should pick models such as PEST or Porters five forces to analyze the case. The next step is to write the actual report. Ensure that you exhibit excellent writing and organizational skills when compiling the report. The report should end with a succinct conclusion and elaborate recommendations for the problem presented in the case.

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