Reviews are writing tasks that require you to critically analyze a piece of work and present a summary, as well as, your position about the work. There are different types of critical reviews including book reviews, literature reviews, movie reviews, and article reviews. Reviews are common assignments in academic settings. In order to get optimal scores on these review assignments, there are a few things that you need to take into considerations.

Assignment Instructions

The first critical consideration is the assignment’s instructions. Critical reviews may ask you to focus on different areas of analysis. For instance, a traditional literature review assignment requires students to analyze literature through narratives, draw conclusion, and identify research gap. On the other hand, a systematic literature review assignment requires students to use statistical approaches to analyze literature and draw conclusion. Although both are literature reviews, they have different objectives and point of focus. Consequently, students must pay attention to the objective of the review assignment by reading instructions carefully. The second critical consideration is the piece of work that forms the subject of the critical review paper. Some review assignments such as book reviews often have a single subject while other review assignments such as literature reviews focus on multiple pieces of work. You need to ensure that you read and understand the work(s) before completing the review paper.

Analytical, Writings, and Organizational Skills

You must also have good analytical skills in order to come up with the best critical review paper. A mere summary of literatures or a book does not amount to a good review essay; you need to go further and present a logical and objective judgment of the work. This requirement means that you must have adequate research skills and a high analytical capacity in order to complete good reviews. Writing skills are also essential in completing review assignments. Book reviews, literature reviews, and article reviews are formal academic documents; hence, they must be written in a fashion that adheres to academic rules and standards. The paper must be free from grammatical errors, be appropriately formatted, and should also document all ideas obtained from external sources. You must also possess excellent organizational skills. No matter how thorough and critical your analysis is, a poor format of organizing and presenting your argument may alter the quality of your paper. You need to organize the review paper in line with the specified formatting style. The style of formatting should also match the type of the review assignment, as well as, the objective of the assignment.  You must also have adequate time for proofreading and editing your document.  

Custom Reviews Writing Services

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